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Leslie’s work focuses on action and in-the-moment experiential learning, not theory. The results are concrete, measurable, and values-based.


Leslie’s greatest passion is to work with people who want to grow. All her personal coaching programs are completely confidential and personalized.


Leslie works to refine values, mega-perspectives, and real-world goals. A comprehensive process with her can sharply accelerate your organization’s ability to succeed.


Most appropriate for high-achieving leaders and executives who have a positive attitude and a desire to improve themselves, but may not have a specific goal in mind.


Leslie speaks her mind fearlessly, but she speaks from the heart.  Have a look at a few of her engagments.

How to Pick the Right Leadership Strategy Every Time

In running an organization or directing a team, how can you know which leadership strategy will work ahead of time?

The type of strategy that always ensures success for you and your organization can be summed up in four words...

Famed consultant, Alan Weiss, recommends Dr. Leslie Austin, The Lion-Tamer

"Dr. Leslie Austin claims to be the "Lion Tamer".
We found out that it takes one to know one!"

When Dr. Austin was introduced to our organization we naturally threw her to the lions. We discovered underneath her quiet unassuming demeanor was a level of confidence and wisdom one can only gain from years of education and experience coupled with a healthy level of courage.

Dr. Austin was able to quickly win respect from leaders who had developed some pretty destructive habits. In every case the outcome was positive for all involved. I recommend Dr. Austin to any individual or organization that wants to improve morale and business performance."

~  Ray Hoglund
–  Former President and CEO, Hill Phoenix, Inc.